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We are proud to showcase some of our recent projects that we have been working on.
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Rustenburg house

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Rustenburg Villa




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Why Choose Us

We are professional in what we do. We ensure that all risk and safety procedure are followed. We start from the drawing table and ensure that everything is ready and tested before we start any project. If there is need for you to contact other agencies, we will do that on your behalf.

The fact that we’re coming from previously less privileged communities means we are understanding in the way we handle business. We are not selfish that is why we believe in partnerships.

We believe that in business time is money, therefore before we start any project we evaluate all the processes to be involved and we inform the client the exact amount of time needed to complete the project. When you do business with us, you never get any unpleasant surprises.

Our Promise

We promise to keep a good business code of contact throughout our existence. We will always follow all government laws and all local government bylaws.
We will always ensure that we continue to empower our local communities through job creation. If you do business with us, we guarantee you that your vision will come true.

We promise to always make sure that our customers get the best service by ensuring that all their needs are addressed. We will always make sure that we do everything according to the agreements that we sign with our clients prior to the commencement of the project.

We promise to continue supporting our communities by employing local youth and fight unemployment. We will always continue with our policy of acquiring locally manufactured hardware in order to support the economy of our country. We are a proudly South African business and therefore we will always put our country first.